Donation Registry

If you have an item you want to send, that isn’t on the list, or need to know who could bring it down, please email us at:
Thanks for taking time to consider this means of helping our ministry.

Computers – Laptop
Flash Drives/Memory Sticks
Laser Printers

Coffee maker
Hot water heater
Coffee Mugs (heavy large corning ware or good plastic)
Dinner Plates and Bowls (corning ware or good plastic)
Forks, Knives & Spoons
Large serving spoons and wooden mixing spoons
Kitchen Knives different sizes
Large Size Salt & Pepper Shakers
Plastic Kitchen Bowls and Storage Containers
Sealed Container for Sugar & Flour
Lazy susans for spice organization
Drawer and silverware organizers with lids
Large and medium frying pans
Heavy medium and large pans with tops
Large soup pot or large pressure cooker
Salad spinner
alad tongs
Measuring spoons and cups
Large strainers
Large plastic pitchers and 2 larger plastic container that they can make quantities of juice in
Cutting boards
Drying rack
French press and coffee grinder
Kitchen washcloths and hand towels

Ball Air Pumps
Baseball Bats
Baseball Gloves
Baseballs & Softballs
Boogie Board
Soccer Balls
Soccer Goal Nets
Surf Board
Kid’s Athletic Shorts

Coloring Books
Dry Erase Markers
Ink Pens
Lined Paper Notebooks
Pencil Sharpeners
Reading Glasses
Spanish/English Dictionaries
Math flashcards
Teaching Math manipulatives

Church & Worship
Audio Cables for Instruments
Batteries – AA & AAA
Drum – Box/Cajon
Spanish Bibles
Guitar Picks
Guitar Strings – Acoustic
Guitar Strings – Electric
Guitars – Acoustic
Instrument Amps – Medium Size
Microphone Stands
Music Stands – Foldable
Piano Keyboard
Video Projectors

Paint Brushes – 1″-4″
Tools – Other
Tools – Pliers
Tools – Wire Cutters