Jun 21, 2020
Diego Norman


Happy Father’s Day to all of the incredible dads out there. While this day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the United States, it is celebrated on June 23 here in Nicaragua. Why was that marked out? Well because, it is honestly for the most part, just another day. While Nicaragua is full of children, most of them do not have a father in their life at all, and for the ones that do – the relationship is next to non-existent, more often than not. But should we celebrate Father’s Day? I think we should, absolutely! Let’s tip our hat (online), fix a favorite breakfast, and string up a hammock for our daddy, today. Let him rest, and bless him with affirmation.

This is sadly true:

But for Nicaragua they overshot by about $11.

Far too often, the importance of dads and father-figures is overlooked or shrugged-off around the world. Please do not forget today, or any day, humanity’s need for a father. Of course, none of us are perfect dads, I’m the first to admit we are far from it! But let’s take time today (this week) to honor those faithful fathers in this world. The men who are showing (with words and actions) children of all ages their Father who IS PERFECT!

Whether you see your terrestrial father as hero, rockstar, average, lacking, absent, deadbeat, or gone from this world please know we all have the BEST DADDY EVER! I know here in Nicaragua, and around the world (USA friends/family included) Father’s Day can be painful for a handful of reasons. Oh, how I desire that each of you can find rest and comfort in the unconditional love of your Father, the Daddy of Jesus! If you identify with having the world’s best or world’s worst dad, that doesn’t change that we can ALL enjoy Abba Father!

Some of you may think, “It doesn’t feel like Father’s Day because I couldn’t [go to church.]” Maybe you felt the same way this Easter, or Mother’s Day too. It has been a struggle for us here as well, because so many still believe the building is where we are the church, have church, and encounter God.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus said the time was coming when it will not matter where we worship, and in the same breath He said: it is here now (2000 years ago), true worshippers are the HOW (in spirit & in truth) not the WHERE of our worship! Paul asks do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? And Paul & Peter answer: TOGETHER (Jews, Gentiles, Whites, Blacks, Nicaraguans, and United Statesians (yes that is what you are called here) WE ARE HIS HOUSE! We are carefully JOINED together in Him. You are living stones that your Daddy is building into His church. [JN 4, 1 COR 3, EPH 2, 1 PET 2]

Your Father wants to bless you. It is what he delights in doing. It is said over and over throughout His Word. He is doing it even when we don’t realize it, and one way is through this song. It is being sung around the world in every dialect and language from homes, offices, and outdoors (basically in every location but a church building). It has been an inspiration to us here in Nicaragua and the world. I am grateful for Kari, Cody, Chris, & Steven for putting Scripture to music. Not a single lyric (or paraphrase) is their own; but they did a great job adding the tempo, harmony, voices, and musical talents. I believe this is so powerful because it is in the perfect timing of a world in need/lockdown, and because it is God’s own Word put to music. It is affirmation that God’s Spirit is everywhere and the church is reaching the Nations without buildings. Let God’s children from all over the world (in every language & dialect) sing His blessing over you, not only on Father’s Day but every day!

For our Spanish-speaking Latino followers please also enjoy this version.

I also love the Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Swahili, Luganda, Zulu and Asian languages among thosuands more, and I hope you will go find your favorite on YouTube, too.

And now the biggest question of all, What do you get (give) the Perfect Father who has everything, and needs nothing? My wife and son sent me a text this morning, inspiring me to make this meme:

But then it got me thinking, what do we give our Perfect Father who has everything and needs nothing from us? I don’t think a tie, power tool, or new pair of socks will do. We do not have to distract him to take anything that is already His, to give Him as a gift. He has, and continues to, freely give us exactly what He wants in return: Life, Love, and Adoration to name a few. I hope that you can today, and every day give your Father his favorite gift, YOU! He absolutely loves YOU, and wants the time and the relationship (that He Himself gave us) more than any other gift. So please gift Him, You; I’M SURE HE WILL LOVE IT!

Whether you are a biological dad, granddaddy, uncle, step-dad, father-in-law, adoptive dad, foster dad, pastor, coach, teacher, tutor, mentor, (the list continues) thank you for your investment to the next generation and pointing all of us children to celebrate Our Perfect Father.

Maybe you can celebrate Him for the first time, or more so than you ever have before, today (and every day). Either way join with me as we sing Him this Father’s Day gift “All Blessing, and Honor, and Glory, and Power be to the One who sits on the Throne” [repeat forever]

 If you made it this far, congrats! You did go to church today, after all – Happy Father’s Day! 

And on a personal note, for all of you men out there who have invested in me and mine; Thank you for always pointing (and continuing to point) us to celebrate Our Father, especially when “I was having none of it” and you loved me all-the-more! I cannot list you all, because it would be longer than everything typed above here, so I’ll leave it with this: Thank you Dan, Murray, and John!

Please go enjoy the blessings on YouTube, but even moreso your Daddy!