Baseball Coaches

Aug 25, 2016

It is long over due but we wanted to highlight those who have been faithful in helping and coaching this year. We have a great group and we are looking forward to working alongside them as well as many others for years to come!


Rosita Vega – Indians


Rosita is currently in her final year of high school, and is an avid sports lover having played softball for most of her life. She is actively involved in the church and has been for almost 7 years. Rosita loves children and does a great job with the youngest ones. She always refers to them as her “children”. Rosita began helping out in August of 2015 when we started with some scrimmages. The picture above is her with her team at the time (six are still playing today) after a scrimmage and the bottom picture is her with her team after winning the championship!


Mario Gomez – Reds


Mario is married with two kids. Pictured are his wife, nephew, and granddaughter. His daughter, Scarlet (not pictured), helps him with the team and is also one of the best softball players in all of Nicaragua. Mario is currently undergoing dialysis and at the moment goes to Managua (3 hour bus ride) every Monday and Friday to receive treatment. He gives practices Tuesdays and Thursdays, and his free time is spent with his family. Two months ago in June, Stan got to lead Mario to Jesus after having spent years of sharing the Gospel with him!


Ivan Ramirez – Red Sox, Athletics, Red Sox


Ivan is the elder statesman of all the coaches. Here he is pictured with his two daughters (left), his wife, son-in-law, and two of his grandsons. The older grandson pictured is Ivan who plays for the Red Sox. Ivan owns a couple of acres in Cuitanca where he harvests plantains and sells them at the market.  Ivan has over 15 years of experience in coaching young kids. He says he prefers working with younger kids instead of sixteen year olds. For the past five years or so he has been the coach of Chichigalpian All Star teams, and is one of the most prominent figures for youth baseball in Chichigalpa.

Walberto Reyes – Padres, Athletics, Red Sox


Walberto is married with three boys all whom play in our league. Ceasar (pictured) is the youngest in the league at only 6 years of age; Kevin, 12, plays for the Red Sox; and Jose, 13, also plays for the Red Sox. Walberto worked for the sugar cane company for over 15 years and currently works odd end jobs. He has been coaching with Ivan for around 10 years and has helped Ivan coach the All Star teams for the past 5 years. The teams from Cuitanca are not only the best coached teams, but the most respectful kids that we have and for that reason we are looking at these two to work with us in helping us develop our sports ministry.

Santa Matilde

Marvin Rodriguez – Tigers


Marvin is pictured with his wife, daughter, nephew, and son. His daughter Belen, 8, and his son Eliseo, 10, (the two on the ends) are members of the Tigers. Marvin started coaching the team halfway through the first season, and we are glad he did because he does a great job. He works in construction but always makes time to give practices and come to the games. He is an active member in the church at Santa Matilde and is a great example to the coaches and kids.

Orlando Flores – Cardinals
Orlando is pictured with his wife, two kids, and nephew. His son, Orlando (pictured in the middle), plays for the Tigers. Orlando worked for the sugar cane company but no longer works. Like Marvin, Orlando started coaching the Cardinals half way through the first season. Unlike all the other coaches, Orlando has never played baseball, but he has a passion to learn and teach. He has been faithful in giving practices and it has paid off as the Cardinals are the most improved team in all of the league. He is also an active member of the church in Santa Matilde.

Ervin Arroyo – Yankees

Ervin is pictured with his wife, sister-in-law, son, and three daughters. Two of his daughters Britney and Natalie play for the Cardinals and Tigers respectively. Ervin is the youth pastor for the church in Santa Matilde and works in the small farm the church has. Ervin also has helped us with the upkeep of the baseball fields for over a year. He grew up playing baseball and softball and does a great job developing relationships with the older kids in the league.

Nuevo Amanacer

Esteben and Lissette Lacayo – Pirates, Rangers, and Giants


Lissette is pictured with their daughter and two sons. Their sons Estiven and Eslyn play for the Giants and Pirates. Esteben and Lissette have double teamed coaching the three teams. Esteben worked for the sugar cane company but now spends his time as somewhat of a political figure in the community. Most of his time is spent being the voice of ex-sugar cane workers who have not received pension money. He represents them in front of the company. Both he and his wife are baseball lovers, and both still play softball.