Jan 24, 2021
Diego Norman

On Sunday, January 17 Bismark and his church celebrated 5 years in their new building. During the anniversary service there were 11 baptisms, 6 baby dedications, 2 marriages, and 4 new acceptations of Christ.

This church is growing and the leadership is maturing every week. It has been such a blessing to walk alongside them and see them put into practice our vision of empowering local leadership to impact our communities, making disciples while sharing the love of Christ and make disciples, and equipping them to create sustainability. Bismark brings new people in and delegates them into an area of service right away.

Boys and girls, teenagers, men and women, including entire families are positioned on a team and contributing to something of value both inside the church and for the community. Their ownership is causing real transformation, and it is beautiful to see this family blossom.

The 5th Year Anniversary Service was recorded live, and we have some highlights of that to share with you. Jubilo, Worship, Dance, and a Poem were shared throughout the service as part of the celebration along with Pastor David’s message on Perseverance & Faithfulness while honoring Bismark’s leadership.

Baptisms & Worship

Eleven people were baptized – initiating and highlighting the great celebration. The final 4 baptisms were a newly married husband, wife, and daughter, as well as Julio (married same day), and the worship service began.

Jubilo, Baby Dedications, & Message


Six babies were dedicated by the local leadership during the celebration service. Pastor David gave the message on perseverance, and God’s faithfulness to those who continue. He ended with a time of honoring and ministering to Pastor Bismark by his leadership. And 4 new people accepted Christ!

Dance, Relationship Dedication, and Congratulations

     Lupe’s Girls’ Dance Class shared a beautiful presentation choreographed to the song “Worthy” by Marco Barrientos, Yvonne Muñoz, & Marcos Brunet. Following the presentation, Bismark presented Lupe & Isaac in front of the church as an official dating relationship blessed and honored by their parents.

To close the commemoration, the whole church congratulated and blessed each of the 11 New Creations!
Thank you for continuing to pray for this church, as well as our other five, and all of our ministries throughout 2021 and beyond!

We miss you all, and hope you find some familiar faces that we sure you are missing too!