2019 Sports Ministry Spring Update

Apr 01, 2019
Jeff Beale

Hello and blessings! Our fourth year of having a league got underway three weeks ago. This year we are blessed to have 15 teams in six different communities. We have five teams in three different categories ranging from 7-13 years old. Unfortunately, this year we did not have enough teams to have a 14 & 15-year-old age group again. It is discouraging because we want to continue to pour into these kids, especially at those critical teenage years. Yet, we do not believe in doing things just for the sake of doing them. We are praying that next year God will provide the coaches needed to be able to at least have three teams in that age group so that the kids can continue to learn and grow. We do hope to be able to do something for the older kids in the summer months so that they stay involved. It is encouraging to see a handful of them helping with practices and being around on game days.

This year we are blessed to have more coaches than ever. For the first three years, most of the coaches coached multiple teams. This year we only have two coaches doing that and that is because they enjoy it so much! It is impossible to grow without involvement from the local communities and we are grateful for each one who graciously give of their time. We are still looking for sponsors for some of the teams. Your sponsorship will pay for uniforms, upkeep of the fields, transportation, equipment and management of the league. You can fully sponsor a team for $750 or give any amount that you feel led to give by going to this link http://newsongnica.org/give/ .

As always, this year we are determined that every kid participating in our league will fully know what the Gospel is. How many times do we miss it ourselves? It goes against our human nature and large parts of our society. We are judged and rewarded by performance in so many areas. In many cases we love others, or the amount of which we “love” them, based on who they are. Many times, our “love” is responsive to what they do or do not do. We can bring that imperfect love and apply it to our relationship with God and Jesus. Now imagine not experiencing anything close to unconditional love in any relationship and how easy it would be to feel like there is something you need to do to earn love and acceptance. My heart breaks to hear the way parents and family members talk to these kids. It seems almost everything is based on performance. Even most of the churches have taught that there is still work to be done, as if what Jesus did wasn’t sufficient! Through the weekly Bible memory verses and teachings, we hope to teach the kids that it is in Christ alone that we are saved, that through His love and grace we are led to repentance, and when we fail His grace is sufficient. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will tenderize their hearts and lead them into the Truth.

Below are pictures of the teams participating. Please keep them in your prayers. If they look sad it is because they are playing without uniforms but in a few short weeks they will be in their uniforms!  Just kidding, it seems like most Nicaraguans do not believe in smiling for pictures. Thank you all for your prayers and support! Blessings!

7-9 Year Old Teams

Team – Candelaria
Coach – Gersan Sandino
Team – Candelaria
Coaches – Rosa Vega and Fatima Obando
Team – Cuitanca
Coach – Paulinho Mesa
Team – Pueblito *New*
Coaches – Killiam Baldelomar and Juan Matamoros
Team – Santa Matilde
Coach – Orlando Flores

10 – 11 Year Old Teams

Team – Candelaria
Coach – Gersan Sandino
Team – Candelaria
Coach – Jeff Beale
Team – Cuitanca
Coach – Ivan Ramirez
Team – Santa Matilde
Coaches – Erwin Arroyo and Marvin Rodriguez

12 – 13 Year Old Teams

Team – Candelaria
Coaches – Mario Lopez and Erwin Lopez
Team – Candelaria *NEW*
Coach – Casiano Rivera
Team – Cuitanca
Coach – Ricardo Garcia
Team – Guanacastal *NEW*
Coaches – Yaser Vega and Harvin Chavez

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